Hello! My name is Anabel, I am a fashion designer and textile artist, Antesis is my personal project.

I am passionate about natural dyeing, I firmly believe that I can make a positive change in the textile industry and in the fashion world by sharing sustainable natural dyeing techniques and creating better textiles. Coherence and honesty are very important to me and to this project.

I was born in the city of Puebla, Mexico and from an early age I had a fascination for experimentation and the study of color. I started studying short courses in photography, fashion, art, drawing, and finally I decided on a career in fashion design and image at IDEP, Barcelona.
I had my first approach to natural dyeing during my senior year in college. I learned how to dye with indigo to develop my final project, which also led to my first job as a jeans designer. After spending time working in the industry I realized that it was not for me, and I went back to school to study textile art. First, I entered Textil Teranyina, where I learned to weave and felting techniques. In 2013 I returned to Mexico with the intention of traveling and learning about the different textile techniques of my country. It was in a specialized course in Oaxaca, where I ended up falling in love with the vibrant hues of pre-Hispanic dyes. Since then, I have not been able to stop studying, experimenting and researching natural dyeing.

I currently live in Mexico City where I work with sustainable methods. I design and use carefully applied natural dyes in garments and accessories for Antesis. I also enjoy collaborating with local designers and sharing my passion for textiles in my natural dyeing, botanical printing, and weaving classes.

Thanks for visiting and supporting this project.